The ASGA serves to represent the interests of Alberta sand and gravel operators on key industry related issues and proposed regulatory changes and to promote and educate today's aggregate consumers.

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As part of its Vision, the ASGA realizes the important role that education plays in making informed decisions on the future of the province's sand and gravel industry. Please take a moment to read through some of the information provided in this area to learn more about aggregate, its uses, and some of the regulation surrounding its development.

Aggregate 101

Aggregate is a valuable non-renewable resource that can be found everywhere in your community. To learn more about aggregate and how you and your neighbours use it day-to-day, click here.


The aggregate mining industry is very tightly regulated in Alberta, with exploration, extraction, and reclamation activities governed by a large number of environmental laws and regulations. To learn more about polices, acts and regulations that dictate sand and gravel development in the province, click here.

Position Statements

When ASGA issues a Position Statement it is intended to provide members, government, and the public with a formal perspective of where the ASGA stands on a topic or debate. All Position Statements are approved by the ASGA Board of Directors before being issued. To see an archive of ASGA position statements, click here.

Gravel Pricing/ Deposit Location Inquiries 

From time to time, the Alberta Sand and Gravel Association (ASGA) receives requests related to gravel prices over time, current gravel pricing, or questions related to the value of land with gravel deposits.  Since it is a market driven resource, producers determine pricing through consideration of a number of elements; including production costs, location, products, volumes and current availability of resources.

Anyone seeking information on gravel pricing should contact producers in the area they are inquiring about; the ASGA website listing of Regular Members or a referral from the local municipality can be a good starting point. Unfortunately, the ASGA cannot recommend any particular supplier or provide information, data or estimates on pricing of product, product delivery costs or land values.

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Aggregate Facts

15,000 tonnes of aggregate is required to build an average size school or hospital.