The aggregate industry in Alberta represents thousands of employees, and mineral aggregate has the largest commercial value of any non-energy mineral resource produced in Alberta.

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Formed in 1974, the ASGA is focused on the orderly and responsible development of Alberta's aggregate resources, promoting high standards of workmanship and accountability to the environment and to the safety of related operations.

The ASGA is dedicated to providing its membership with information affecting their business interests while raising public awareness and the profile of the aggregate industry. Mineral aggregate has the largest commercial value of any non-energy mineral resource produced in Alberta (Mineral Aggregate Commodity Analysis - Edwards, W.A.D.: Alberta Geological Survey Open File Report 1995-08), and the aggregate industry represents thousands of employees within the province.

As producers and consumers, the aggregate industry contributes to the growth of many other provincial industries -- such as Alberta's oil and gas and construction -- while keeping the environment in mind. Construction aggregate resource is critical in the development of transportation and structural infrastructure necessary to develop other new mineral and renewable resources, especially in northern Alberta.


By leading as good stewards of the land, the public will be informed and educated on the need for this non-renewable resource and its importance to the province. With informative education comes the understanding necessary for application in day-to-day decision making that affects access to the Province's gravel reserves.


The mission of the Alberta Sand & Gravel Association is to represent the interests of Alberta sand and gravel operators on key industry-related issues and proposed regulatory changes and to educate today's aggregate consumers. The ASGA advocates the environmentally responsible and orderly development of this valuable non-renewable natural resource.

Core Values

As a not-for-profit association that represents a voluntary membership, the ASGA endeavours to:

- Advocate members to use environmentally sound practices
- Promote good stewardship of Alberta's land
- Encourage the responsible development of aggregate
- Support and represent all members fairly and equally
- Remain accessible, transparent, and helpful to our membership and the public

Aggregate Facts

Did you know that it takes approximately 60,800 tonnes of aggregate to construct a 1 lane-km of a four lane highway.