Multi-Producer Haulers

Welcome to the Alberta Sand & Gravel Association's Truck Registry!

Below you will find instructions on how to become a Multi-Producer Independent Hauler. Multi-Producer Independent Haulers can haul for any regular members of the ASGA. This is also how you can get ASGA decals for your vehicle.

Please note that Multi-Producer Independent Haulers have limited access to the members section of the ASGA members portal. If you wish to access more, you're welcome to apply for membership as an associate.

All complaints received against you will be managed by the ASGA and you will be notified. If a complaint has been made against you, you will be unable to purchase or renew decals until it has been resolved.

Learn more about the registry here:

Once approved you will:

  • · Be able to register your trucks.
  • · Be able to order decals, renewal tags or replacements.
  • · Be able to view truck complaint history.
  • · After approval, you will receive an email with a username and password which can be used to login to the members portal.

You do not need to apply twice unless you have multiple companies.

When you're ready to apply, please complete the information below. Thank you.

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