Reclamation Projects

Responsible development of aggregate in Alberta is vital to sustainable development in Alberta. As human populations grow, so does the need for aggregate to support that development and is essential for economic growth.

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Reclamation and Sustainability

A large amount of the non-renewable resource is being lost or at risk of being lost due to gravel deposit sterilization throughout the province. The goal of the ASGA is to work with communities and regulatory bodies to encourage responsible development of this resource and ensure the reclamation of the land following the extraction of the gravel.

Reclamation Projects

Border Paving Ltd., Hazlett Pit

The Border Paving Hazlett Pit opened east of Red Deer in 1980. The extraction began at the east end of the pit (look to the top/left side of the following photos) and proceeded to the west, on a yearly basis, to the locations shown through the photos.

- Hazlett Pit, 1997
- Hazlett Pit, 2006
- Hazlett Pit, 2008
- Hazlett Pit, 2010

BURNCO Rock Products Ltd., Carburn Park

In 1982, BURNCO Rock Products Ltd., on an exchange for gravel deposits, agreed to develop a recreation facility in Carburn Park. Removal of gravel from a 9 hectare area of the park began in 1984 and was completed in 1985. The mined area was then reclaimed into the two recreation lakes. BURNCO also developed the picnic area, pathways, landscaping, road access and maintenance building. This development was completed by 1986.

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- Carburn Park Pond
- Carburn Park Trails
- Carburn Park Lake View
- Carburn Park Picnic Area

Sureway Construction Group of Companies Ltd., Ballachay Pit

The Ballachay Pit is located along Secondary Highway 633 east of Villeneuve and west of St. Albert. The 15 acre pit was opened in Spring 2005 and the final cut was removed in early summer of 2006. Recontouring was completed by fall 2006 and spring seeding occurred in spring 2007.

Two years following of rotational crops and weed control, a reclamation certificate was issued in August 2010.

- Ballachay Pit Looking East from NW Property Line
- Ballachey Pit NE Edge Wetlands Looking SE


- Mixcor Operations
- Mixcor Operations Reclaimed

Aggregate Facts

Did you know that for straight gravel hauls with minimal traffic, the price of aggregate increases $0.15 per tonne for every mile from the extraction site? Close to market reserves is one way the aggregate industry reduces environmental footprints and risk of accident.