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Alberta Transportation requires the use of a registry program on all Alberta Provincial contracts as stated under Section Currently, the ASGA Registry is cited as the Province's model registry program.

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As communities grow, the demand for gravel products essential to the construction of roads, utilities and housing increases. Gravel resources are developed to address these demands, with product delivered to market by independently owned trucks that are sometimes hard for the public to identify. The ASGA believes that communities affected by this increased traffic should have an outlet for voicing concern. The establishment of the ASGA Truck Registry not only provides a platform for public voice, but also creates operator accountability. Since its inception, the ASGA Truck Registry has helped to mitigate concerns regarding hauling operations through public consultation and education.

The ASGA manages the Truck Registry program in an effort to build commitment to the communities our membership operates in. The program is aimed at identifying problem areas, striving for improvements by maintaining a high-caliber trucking pool, and educating the general public on the real performance of the gravel hauling industry.

This is a program that all those involved benefit from. For producers, the Registry provides a form of feedback to ensure responsible operation by the haulers they employ. For Haulers, it provides a means of identifying those who do not respect or understand municipal haul road agreements. For the municipalities, the Registry provides another means of resident feedback and offers coordination between itself, industry operators, and the ASGA and its membership.

History & Development of the Registry in Alberta

In 1995, a group of aggregate producers in Calgary founded the Central Truck Registry. The idea behind the program was to reduce the amount of calls and complaints received by the City of Calgary involving gravel truck operators. In its initial stages, the program was successful and virtually eliminated calls the City received, as they were directed to a complaint line managed by the involved aggregate operators.

Beginning in 2004, the Registry has come under the ASGA's operation and has expanded province-wide as a web-based program. Parkland County, located west of Edmonton, was the first county to incorporate the ASGA Truck Registry as a requirement in their haul road agreements. In the years following, counties across Alberta adopted ASGA Truck Registry requirements for producers in their haul road agreements.

Becoming Part of the Truck Registry

To be eligible for the ASGA Truck Registry program, you must be a current Regular Member of the ASGA. Regular membership is limited to those who have current provincial or municipal permits for sand and gravel operations. Once approved as a Regular member, you will have access to the registry application through our member portal to register and manage all trucks currently hauling for your company.

Aggregate Facts #4

15,000 tonnes of aggregate is required to build an average size school or hospital.