ASGA Registry Complaint Management

During the summer, when haulers are most active, the ASGA Registry Call Centre can receive over 100 phone calls a month.

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Filing a complaint

All complaints must be lodged with the 24 hour ASGA toll-free complaint line 1-866-901-ASGA (2742) 

When filing a complaint, the complainant must identify the following information to ensure a thorough follow-up:

- ASGA 4-digit truck number
- Incident details
- Incident location
- Contact information (complaints can remain anonymous if you do not wish to be contacted)

Complaint Management

Once a complaint has been filed through the complaint line, both the producer employing the truck in question and the ASGA Office will be notified. The producer is then required to contact the driver of the truck to discuss details of the complaint. Once the producer has gathered sufficient details, re-visited proper driving protocol with the driver, and determine a suitable course of action, they will then contact the complainant to discuss how the situation has been handled. This action will occur within 5 business days of the complaint being filed.

During this process, the ASGA Office monitors all complaints for timely and appropriate follow-up. If complaints are not addressed within the required timeframe, producers are considered to be in non-compliance, and the ASGA Office will initiate non-compliance protocol.

Aggregate Facts

One mile of a 6-lane highway needs 133,500 tonnes of aggregate.