Multi-Producer Haulers

Haulers are encouraged to register their trucks with a Regular Member. Regular Members are those who operate the gravel pits where sand and gravel is sourced. These Regular Members have access to lower registration rates and are responsible for responding to any complaints that might be received by the ASGA on a truck’s decal number. A list of Regular Members can be found here:

However, the ASGA recognizes that it is not always possible to register with a Regular Member. Haulers who work for multiple producers can also demonstrate a commitment to the communities they work in. This category is open to any hauler who regularly performs work for the sand and gravel industry. Once approved, you will:

1. Have access to the registry application through our member portal to register your truck or trucks

2. Be able to order decals for your trucks, renewal tags, and replacements in case of damage

3. Be able to view Truck Complaint History for all trucks within the ASGA registry system

Please note that Multi-Producer Haulers have limited access within the Members only section of the ASGA webpage. If your company wishes to access these materials, you are encouraged to apply for Membership as an Associate Member.

Please note also, that complaints received by the ASGA are managed by the ASGA. This means that complaints received within the system are sent directly to ASGA staff. Those staff are then responsible for responding to the complaint in consultation with the Hauler and the Complainant. At no time will complainant contact details be shared with a Hauler as is the practice with Regular Member complaints.

Haulers are reminded that complaint histories are available for all trucks within the ASGA Registry System. This means that a Haulers complaint history, as well as their response to those complaints in consultation with ASGA staff, will serve as their means of demonstrating their commitment to the communities in which they operate.

If you wish to apply to become a Multi-Producer Hauler, please complete the information below:

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